I am a Board Certified Ophthalmologist

specializing in medical and surgical

diseases of the eye with particular

emphasis on problems of the anterior

segment, such as cataracts and

glaucoma. I am a partner at EyeCare

Associates and you can contact my

office at 903-535-9425, 1-800-595-2040,

and our fax at 903-595-1212.

I see patients at our office on 2440 E.

Fifth Street daily. The schedule is

busy, but I always try to see my patients

who are having more urgent problems

the same day if necessary.


I use a highly qualified support staff so

that I can maximize my visit time with

you. We use state of the art technology,

and our large size allows us to draw on

a deep level of expertise from all

members of the practice. My specialized

niche in the practice is glaucoma, but I

commonly treat cataracts and see

patients with diabetes and macular

degeneration. I have been in clinical

practice over 20 years and have a lot of

surgical experience:  I have performed

many thousands of incisional eye

surgeries and an equal number of laser

surgeries. Many of my cases include

complex glaucoma procedures or

atypical cataract removals.


You can find more information about me

by visiting the EyeCare Associates

website which is routinely maintained.



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Melanie Wick, MD